The Hiccups
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Every wedding has them. Truly.

On the days that seem to go without a hitch, I’m usually waiting for a tornado to sweep through the area or massive flooding. And on those days I usually always have a bridesmaid tell me at reception “whew, can’t believe the officiant never showed up.” or “wow glad the bride’s dad and the groom wear the same size pants.” And then I breathe a sigh of relief because I can now relax about impending doom, because a small hiccup has already happened.

Whether it’s rain on your wedding day or your wedding cake falling over. Something is going to go wrong. And as long as you can embrace those moments, your day will still go off without a hitch. Because at the end of the day, you won’t care if your partner ripped their pants. All you’ll care about is that you’re married and in love.

But don’t you worry. I’ll have the photos to look back on and laugh about.

The Story:

It was dinner service. I was finally enjoying a nice relaxing respite from being on my feet after (already) an 8 hour day when Nolan and Emily’s wedding planner, Sherry came running in. “Grab your camera! The cake is falling!!!!”. I rushed out, mouth still full with brisket. And sure enough. The Leaning Tower of Pisa had nothing on Emily and Nolan’s beautiful, chocolate and vanilla multi-tiered cake. After snapping a few pictures and a haphazard prop job by Nolan, we accepted defeat. The cake was ushered out of the room by catering to be plated and served with dignity. And throughout the whole night, no one would stop talking about how delicious that cake was.

The Story:

It was Fourth of July. Lauren and Will’s wedding was fully underway. The music was thumping. The dance floor filled. Will dropped it like it was hot. There was a rip. And then in that precise moment, Will knew it was too late. His elegant, black satin pants had ripped. Laughter filled the dancefloor as everyone around swarmed to take a photo of Will and his unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

Some self explanatory moments:

Kids picking noses, champagne overflowing, taking a misstep during your first dance. You know. The usual.

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