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At the beginning of my wedding career, I would photograph a whole wedding day absolutely locked on the married couple. They were the most important people, yeah? I wanted to make sure I captured every single thing that happened to them on their wedding day.

But then I had a bride reach out a few weeks after wedding day. She told me her grandma had passed unexpectedly and if I had any photos of Memaw. Her family wanted to display them at her funeral. My photos. My photos were the last pictures anyone had of this incredibly important family member. I scoured through their gallery. Some images were images I wasn’t even planning on delivering, they were blurry, out of focus– but they were her. The joy and overwhelm that bride expressed when I sent her some of those images was truly groundbreaking for me.

I decided right then and there that my focus and perspective would shift on wedding day. Yes, my wedding couple is still my top priority. But now my lens is constantly tracking, moving. Capturing their people. Their interactions, their laughter, their tears.

So come wedding day, all those little moments, hugs, handshakes, with your grandma, dad. Those will be documented forever. You won’t have to reach out and request those images and I won’t have to dig through the archives because they will be there, front and center, just as you remembered on your special day.

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