The Small, In Between Moments
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It’s no secret that I love candid moments. So much so that I brand myself as a 60% candid, 40% posed photographer.

But even more than candid moments, I love the in between moments.

The small moments- they’re a big deal! THESE are what tell the story of your wedding day.

The big moments are important. Super duper important. But they’re likely happening at every wedding.

The small moments are where the true story of your day is.

You holding your sisters hand as you get ready, your aunt sewing a last minute pocket square, your nephew picking his nose during the ceremony.

THOSE are the moments so unique and special to your day.

They might not be the photos you frame or put on the fridge, but when you look back, they’ll be what makes you feel like your wedding day all over again.

So let’s celebrate the small, in between moments yeah?

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