Alec & Ryan
Romantic Snowy Winter Wedding


Alec and Ryan’s wedding was one of my last of the season and the first since being back from my own wedding and honeymoon– and I couldn’t have asked for a better couple. These two have the most infectious personalities. I had only spoken to Ryan a few times on FaceTime but it felt like we were besties even with so few interactions. And Alec, I met him for the first time on wedding day– and yet he was so lovely and kind.

These two celebrated their December wedding at Spruce and it was gorgeous. We received quite a bit of snow the day before so the whole place looked like a winter wonderland. Their guests were kind, warm and so hilarious.

This was one of those wedding days where it felt like a party from start to finish.

Some highlights of the day:

  • Alec and Ryan’s sweet pup Nia following them around all day. She was the flower girl and absolute star of the show.
  • Ryan’s face seeing the Donkey Burros for the first time. Might have rivaled his face seeing Alec at the end of the altar.
  • The most perfect sweet vows of all times
  • Snowball fights x2
  • Alec doing a shot of horrid vodka during toasts

To Alec & Ryan

Thank you both for trusting me to photograph y’alls special day! I know it’s been a long time coming, but all the planning was well worth it. Y’all through a party for the ages! Thank you both for making me feel so welcome. It was such an honor photographing your day. I’m so in awe of the love and life you both have built. Wishing you both all the best and love and happiness in the world! <3


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The Story

How did y’all meet?

“So Alec and I are both military guys (well he just separated but we WERE a month ago!). I was living in Oklahoma City and him Alaska, and he came down on a work trip to go to some geeky maintenance conference for his job. We both have a mutual friend down here that was also in for the same conference, and invited us both to grab some beers at a local place. We both showed up, and I couldn’t stop looking at this really attractive guy who was super shy in the corner not really contributing to the conversation. I struck up a conversation about horror movies (it was a few weeks until Halloween), and he said he absolutely hated them. Negative points to Alec. However, he said he hated them because his ex-boyfriend always use to make him watch it. I remember my eyes getting super wide cause I would have NEVER thought this guy was gay in a million years. Immediately I started pulling out all the corny dad jokes to make him laugh, and we ended up talking non-stop for the next 2 hours. I asked him out to breakfast the next day, and he accepted! We would end up hanging out everyday for the next 2 weeks, and at the end we exchanged numbers and realized he would have to go back to Alaska for the remainder of his tour. This would lead to us visiting each other on and off in different locations, and being long distance for the next 2 years. However, I fell in such a deep love with this man that it was effortless holding out for him…I knew pretty quickly he was the real deal. At the end of our TDY we even matched with each other on Tinder (made me laugh after about 5 dates with one another LOL).”

The Proposal

“The proposal was so cute, especially since I am completely gullible (Ryan over here filling this out). We are both history & political geeks, so Washington D.C is a place we’ve both wanted to visit. While we were packing for the trip, Alec recommended we bring our nicest bottle of champagne with us (hint #1 that I didn’t pick up on). He said we should visit my family in Texas first (hint #2 that I didn’t pick up on). And while we were in Texas for a few days, I asked if he wanted to go to breakfast one morning, and he denied and said I should go alone and pick some up to go (hint #3 that I didn’t think about either). So, he had everything planned this entire time, and we went to dinner at this fancy place in D.C one night. Afterwards, we went touring the Jefferson memorial and started walking around this really pretty park. About 30 mins into the walk, right when we were at the front of the pond overlooking all the major statues in the downtown area, he dropped to a knee and told me the most romantic story that of course brought me to tears.”

What are you looking forward to most about being married?

“Honestly I can’t wait to hang out at outings with friends as a married couple. Getting to introduce one another as “my husband” and just getting all proud and what not over little things like this. My favorite moments are when were tucked into bed at night just talking about the most wild topics with one another. It makes living life pretty fun :). We’re long distance right now due to him starting law school unfortunately, so getting to live with one another once again sounds lovely.”

The Wedding Day

Getting Ready

Getting ready with these two was so fun. There were two separate getting ready rooms but Alec and Ryan couldn’t stop being near each other. It wasn’t until they started getting dressed that they went into hiding for the big reveal at the ceremony.

All of their friends and wedding party were so sweet and helpful, from ironing their clothes to ensuring everyone got pizza rolls.

It was a pretty easy going, stress free morning.


Time for ceremony! And this one was goooooood. Starting with the most perfect welcome of donkey’s with beers. I mean, you know it’s going to be a good ceremony with that kind of welcome. Alec’s sister officiated, which was so special and sentimental. The two seeing each other for the first time down the aisle and being escorted by their moms was precious. And their vows!!!!! Holy cow. Everyone the whole rest of the day was talking about how great they were. Sentimental, funny– they were truly perfect. Even if Ryan’s were written at point 5 font hehe.

Wedding Party

Had such a fun time with this group. They were goofy and funny and down for anything. One of Alec’s requested photos was a vanity fair style portrait with the whole group, which I absolutely loved.

The session ended with a snowball fight, which is just iconic.


Eeeeeep. This portrait session. I was losing my mind the entire time. These two were just absurdly photogenic. I swear I couldn’t take a bad photo if I tried. We got such a wide variety in literally twenty minutes (which was ideal because any longer and I think my fingers would have frozen off).

These two were just so carefree and comfy in front of the camera. It felt like a dream photographing them.

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour was short and sweet. I love the space inside Spruce, it’s so cozy and warm. And yes! The donkey’s were there. Truly the most fun wedding vendor.


Alec and Ryan had the best first dance. It was outside in front of the fireplace and was cozy and romantic and everything you could possibly want for a first dance. Then the moms had a dance with their sons and it was sweet and perfect. Alec’s mom was absolutely hilarious feigning shock after Ryan and his mom pulled off an impressive spin. These two ladies were so lovely, it was such a joy spending the day with them.

Then we moved on to dinner and some wonderful toasts. The highlight was Alec taking a shot of absolutely heinous vodka and Ryan refusing (we love boundaries!)


And then the dance party commenced. And this. This. Was one for the ages.

Something I’m not looking forward to??? Editing Alec and Ryan’s dancing photos. Because I have about 2,000 of them. And they’re all great. Their friends were absolutely letting loose. My fingers were exhausted from taking a million pictures but it was so so worth it. One of my favorite parts? When the grooms were lifted up and paraded around on shoulders. Incredible.

For their last dance Ryan surprised Alec with the most romantic little set up, hidden away. Tons of candles and photos decorated a little room off to the side. It was such a wonderful surprise. Take notes gents. That’s how you do it.

The night ended with an exit– according to this group, that wouldn’t be complete without a spontaneous pelting of snowballs to send off the newlyweds.

Behind the Scenes

Some favorite behind the scenes photos of working this excellent day!

Vendor Team

Venue: Spruce Mountain Ranch

Catering: Biscuits and Berries

DJ: Dancin’ Shoes DJ and Lighting

Wedding Planner: Forever Yours Weddings

Rocky Mountain Beverage Burros

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