George & Matthew
Timeless Country Club Summer Wedding


I had the absolute pleasure of photographing George and Matthew’s wedding at Mount Vernon Canyon Club last July. This wedding was a special one because Mathew’s sister Sierra and I worked together for ages way back in my Lush era. Sierra was such a sweet, kind individual and always spoke so highly of her family, I just knew I would love photographing her brother’s wedding.

The day was absolutely perfect, from the weather to their ceremony and throughout their epic dance party reception– I had such a blast photographing the big and small moments of George and Mathew’s day.

Some highlights of the day:

  • George and Matthew getting together and showing off their incredible wedding attire (George had a beautiful custom purple velvet suit, Matthew had epic purple cowboy boots (and a surprise reception change!))
  • Their super sweet officiant chauffeuring us to a beautiful mountain lookout for portraits.
  • All the hugs and excitement of their guests seeing them for the first time.
  • Their tear jerker of a ceremony. This one was so special and completely tailored to the couple.
  • The Matthew heads on a stick that were waved throughout the ceremony.
  • Incorporating George’s Greek heritage throughout the ceremony and with some fun dancing at reception.
  • Some incredible toasts from their family, each one was the perfect mix of sentimental and funny.
  • Being treated to the most gorgeous sunset clouds during couples portraits.
  • The best dance party I’ve photographed in a while. George and Matthew curated the perfect playlist and they (and their guests) were absolutely killing it on the dancefloor.

To George and Matthew

Thank you both so much for trusting me to photograph y’alls day! Thank you for being so welcoming and kind individuals. It was mentioned throughout your day how important the idea of community is to you both and it’s so clear you have built an incredible one. I’ve never seen a full wedding of guests with such overwhelming respect and love towards a couple, it’s clear you both are some pretty special folks. Hope you had the best day and a wonderful honeymoon! <3

The Story

How did y’all meet?

“We met on a dating app. The first date was at Declaration Brewery, which quickly turned into several beers.”

The Proposal

“We had been vacationing in Puerto Vallarta together for several years. On our 4th trip there together, staying in the same hotel looking over the ocean, I was able to surprise Matt (George is writing this) with a proposal on our balcony as the sun was setting. He’ll alway be mad that I got him first. However, Matt was able to surprise me on a hike several months later in Crested Butte, our favorite Colorado destination together.”

Honeymoon Plans

“We’re headed to Greece for 2 weeks a few days after the wedding. We plan to visit Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and two other islands for some fun and relaxation.”

What are you looking forward to most about being married?

“We’re already feel like we’re pretty much married, so life for us isn’t going to really change THAT much. We are looking forward to starting a family together in the future.”

The Wedding Day

Getting Ready

We planned on my arrival to be after George and Matthew were fully read and heading straight to portraits. But being my overly anxious self, I arrived about 30 minutes early so asked if the grooms wanted pictures getting ready, they said sure!

These two had so many incredible touches to their wedding wardrobe, George had the coolest velvet suit and Matthew had cowboy boots that had my Texas heart swooning.

Once they were both dressed and ready we all piled into their Officiants car who was kind enough to drive us to our overlook spot for portraits. We talked about bad first dates, honeymoon plans and wiping out on roller skates.


Our portrait overlook spot was perfect for some epic mountain shots. There wasn’t a ton of room to spread out and it was quite hot, so we kept it short and sweet. These two were super photogenic though and really didn’t need much time at all to get warmed up in front of the camera. After 15 minutes we piled back into the car to head to the venue.

Wedding Party

Wedding party consisted of mostly family, so it was kind of wedding party and family photos in one. This group was so fun to photograph and it was so nice to photograph some familiar faces!

After wedding party, we took a few photos with the couple’s immediate family– and miraculously, that was the whole shot-list, which meant the couple would get to enjoy their entire cocktail hour.


Time for ceremony! This one was a freakin’ good ceremony. There were a few readings, a couple super sweet Greek traditions and several moments of reflection and emphasis on being present. There were tears, laughs and several cut outs of Matthew’s face being waved about.

Cocktail Hour

After ceremony, our two grooms got to enjoy their entire cocktail hour. Because it was a summer wedding, sunset wasn’t until later in the evening and all family photos had already been done. I love when couples get to actually enjoy their cocktail hour, it’s a great time to actually socialize with all their guests and I love being able to photograph so many candids for them.


George and Matthew’s reception started off with a bang. The two were introduced and Matthew literally paraded George around the entire room, making multiple laps, it was one of the cutest, most wholesome entrances I’ve ever seen and me (along with the whole room) were smiling from ear to ear watching these two have so much fun. After dinner and a few incredible toasts it was time for sunset portraits.

Sunset Portraits

We missed the bulk of sunset time, but were treated to the most beautiful cloud display over the venue. We made use of our 10ish minutes of remaining light with some super cute pictures in a field right by the venue. The two commented on how it was actually nice to take a few minutes outside just the two of them (and me and my 2nd photographer).


As we were doing sunset photos, guests were transitioned from the upstairs reception space to the lower floor where dancing would take place. George and Matthew started off dancing with their first dance to Hold My Hand by Lady Gaga (*chefs kiss song selection guys*). Then the two danced with their moms before the dancefloor was officially open. And as mentioned previously, this was the best dance party I’ve seen in a while. There was an epic outfit change, Greek dancing, the worm, a family tradition of dancing to Kung Fu Fighting and lots of Abba. Such an amazing and fun way to end an incredible day!

Behind the Scenes

Some favorite behind the scenes photos of working this excellent day!

Vendor Team

Venue: Mount Vernon Canyon Club

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