Why you should hire a wedding planner


Whether or not to hire a wedding planner is a big question on a lot of couples minds. I’m here to tell you why you should absolutely hire a wedding planner. But since I don’t know all the ends and outs of wedding planning, I asked two of my favorite wedding planners Ashlee at Mrs. Planner and Sherry at Memory Makers their thoughts on what makes a wedding planner so valuable!

Why you should be hiring a wedding planner

1. With a planner you and your family can be fully present

Without a planner, couples or their families will get bogged down with tasks on their wedding day and prevents them from being fully present. As Sherry at Memory Makers told me, “Hands down, the number one reason you should hire a planner is so that you and your family can be fully present in every moment of your wedding day!! Trying to have friends and family fill this role oftentimes leads to frustration. Unexpected issues arise that require the bride or groom to be pulled away from their joyful  moments to answer questions or become a problem solver if there isn’t a planner to turn to.”

2. Every wedding has a planner, they just might not know it’s them yet.

I always tell all my couples, “every wedding has a planner, that person might just not know it yet.” At every single wedding their is a person that ends up putting the planner hat on. Sometimes it’s a vendor (usually the photographer) or it’s a family or friend (usually the mom, maid of honor, or a well intentioned aunt). The problem with this, is 1. That person might not be trained, prepared or equipped to be a planner. When the planning role falls on me come wedding day, it can be quite stressful. If I’m organizing all the days events and problem solving, it can take me away from what my couples hired me to do, photograph their day. 2. That person is a valuable member to your wedding day and won’t experience it the same if they’re planning. Like Sherry said above, if a family member is worried about running the day, they will miss out on the moments of you getting married. No one wants that!

3. You get access to planners wealth of resources and recommendations

When you hire a Planner you will usually receive a list of their preferred vendors that they trust and have worked with throughout the years. Couples take so much time finding, vetting and hiring all of their vendors. How great would it be if someone gave you a wonderfully curated list of vendors perfect for your event?

4. If something goes wrong, a planner will have you covered.

In the age of covid, planners have been priceless. I’ve had couples hire a planner after their initial wedding day to help them with their wedding reschedule. As Ashlee from Mrs. Planner says, “Planners are often a built in insurance plan for their event. A well connected Planner will have quality vendors to reach out to, have years under their belt to troubleshoot any issues that arise, and share a game plan early with you that double checks all there is to do.”

5. A planner can actually save you money!

“Partial or Full-Service Planning can save you money!! You have most likely never planned a wedding before. There are thousands of vendors to choose from and it can become overwhelming very quickly. A Wedding Planner can quickly identify the vendors that match your needs, style and budget. And yes, believe it or not, you can actually save quite a bit of money by going through a wedding planner. Not only do they have the inside information to line up the vendors right for you, they have the ability to negotiate with many of these vendors.” says Sherry.

Still on the fence about hiring a wedding planner? At least consider a day of coordinator. They are the most cost effective option but will allow you and your guests to be hands off and just enjoy your day.

Special thanks to Ashlee at Mrs. Planner and Sherry at Memory Makers for taking the time to share their valuable expertise. If you’re looking for a wedding planner I highly recommend these two ladies, they are fantastic!

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