What to do after Getting Engaged
15 Things to Do After Getting Engaged


Congratulations!! You’re engaged!!!! But you might be thinking… now what?? Well don’t fret, here is my list of what to do after getting engaged.

1. Get those nails done!!

You’re going to be showing off your ring a lot in the coming weeks. So treat yourself and get those nails done. This could be an at home spa day or a full treatment at a nail salon, whichever you choose *treat yourself*.

2. Insure your ring

I know, I know. Not the most glamorous step, but you’ll be so glad you did. (Hello, Kim Kardashian) It’s super easy and relatively inexpensive to add this on to your current renters policy. Don’t skip this step!

3. Get your ring sized

Now that your ring has been insured, get it sized. One of the most common reasons engagement rings get lost or damaged is because they’re just slightly too big. Make sure your ring fits you perfectly.

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4. Start thinking about a date

You might be thinking “Leah, I legit just go engaged a week ago. Pump the brakes!” And I totally hear ya! Just start thinking about it. Typically venues book up 12-18 months in advance. If you’re wanting a shorter engagement, you’ll want to decide on your date sooner rather than later!

If you want some advice on when you should have your wedding check out my Colorado wedding planning guide or Texas wedding planning guide.

The tl;dr? Colorado is great year round but Summer is the most predictable season. Getting married in Texas? Aim for the autumn, rates might be higher as this is peak wedding season, but the temps are worth it! And no matter where you’re planning on having your wedding, make sure you check for big festivals and events and avoid those weeks!

5. Determine your wedding size

This will help out greatly when you start researching venues. Deciding if you want an intimate wedding with 30 of your closest friends or a big blow out celebration with your massive family will greatly determine the vibe and kind of venue you’ll need. You’ll be able to easily eliminate venues based on these numbers.

6. Start researching venues

Finding a venue can be stressful. There are so many to choose from! Start your search by deciding on your must haves and the general vibe you want from your wedding. Do you want a swanky hotel? Rustic barn? Golf course? Mountain lodge? Then start searching google. Try: best colorado venues with a mountain view. Or top dallas white wedding barns. Make a list, read reviews, go on venue tours.

Here are some of my favorite Colorado wedding venues and Texas wedding venues.

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7. Interview wedding coordinators and planners

A planner is one of the first vendors you should hire. Their job is to help as much as possible with the wedding planning process, including helping you in the stage you’re in right now! Planners will help remove so much stress from your wedding day, I recommend at least a day of coordinator to all my couples.

Still need convincing? Here’s why you should hire a planner.

8. Hire your wedding photographer and schedule your engagement session

The next vendor you want to hire is your wedding photographer. When looking for a wedding photographer consider their personality (you’ll be with them all day) their editing style (you want to love your wedding photos in 20 years) and their photographing style (do you want something more candid or do you want more direction and posing). Once you narrow it down to a handful of photographers whose style you love, reach out for pricing and a full gallery.

Here are 15 questions I recommend you ask a wedding photographer before you book them.

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9. Choose your wedding party

I know this is a hard step. But it’s best to do it early on before you get bombarded with questions about who will be in your wedding party. Really envision your day and who you can’t imagine not being with you throughout the whole process. Consider people that are fun, helpful, easy going, and low drama. And remember, this is your day. You might hurt some feelings, but you want your closest, most loved friends and family surrounding you on this special day.

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10. Build your wedding website

Once you have your venue nailed down and your wedding party chosen, start building your wedding website. This is a great place to post your engagement photos, wedding day logistics and your wedding registry.

Here’s some ideas for what to add to your wedding registry!

11. Go dress (or tuxedo) shopping

This is one of the most stressful and most fun things to do after getting engaged! Take a look at pinterest or dress designers so you have a general idea of styles or brands you might like. That way you can start somewhere at your appointment. Then try on a couple outliers! You never know what style you might actually like. Pop some bubbly, take some selfies and have fun!

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12. Check sunset times and start working on your timeline

You don’t have to have all your timeline details ironed out, but you’ll want to at least know when to start hair and makeup and ceremony time. When choosing your ceremony time, there are 2 main things to consider 1. Do you want a first look and 2. What time is sunset? Those two factors will greatly determine the flow of your day.

Need help with your timeline? Check out this post with some tips and tricks for building the perfect timeline. I build a custom timeline for all my wedding clients so they don’t have to. If you have any questions about timelines, shoot me a message!

13. Send out save the dates

After your engagement session you’ll want to send out your save the dates. I recommend sending these anywhere from 6-12 months out (12-18 months if you’re having a destination wedding.)

14. Hire your florists, DJ, and caterer

After your planner and photographer, these are the next most important vendors to hire. Once these 5 vendors are chosen, it’s pretty smooth sailing from here!!

What to do after getting engaged, wedding tips, engagement tips, wedding planning help,

15. Relax!

Plan a little trip or stay-cation. I know that wedding planning can be stressful or overwhelming, so give yourself little breaks throughout the process. You want to look back on this process fondly, so don’t stress yourself out too much about the little things. If there’s anything giving you a lot of anxiety, think about why. Are you stressed about the guest list? Consider paring down. Worried about weather? Have your ceremony inside. Worried about budget? Here are some tips for cutting down your wedding costs.

I hope you enjoyed this post on what to do after getting engaged! I know it might seem overwhelming, but try to enjoy the process as much as possible. You got this!

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