Senior Photos at Colorado Paint Mines


Lyndee’s senior photos at the Paint Mines

These senior photos at the Paint Mines were some of my favorites to date! Senior photos were how I got into photography, so it’ll always have a big place in my heart.

These senior photos were actually done outside of Denver at the Paint Mines. Lyndee wanted a cool, unique location. And these senior photos at the Paint Mines did not disappoint! I absolutely love the unique landscape of the Paint Mines. It really did feel like we were on a different planet, even though we were less than 2 hours away from Denver!

Here are some tips if you’re having Denver senior photos

  1. Choose a location that feels like you. If you love the water, why not choose a lakeside location? If you love the mountains, what about this gorgeous spot just 20 minutes from Denver? Love pizza? Let’s go to a local pizza shop! Your senior photos should have lots of your personality. Don’t be afraid to branch out.
  2. Shoot for the morning or right before sunset for the perfect light. But if your photos are in the mountains, keep in mind that the sun might dip below a mountain earlier than expected!
  3. Bring something that shows off your personality. This could be a letterman jacket, an instrument– anything! Not only will it make your senior photos special and unique, but it’ll also give you something to interact with if you’re feeling a little awkward at the beginning!
  4. Dress for the terrain. So often I see gals arrive with sky high stilettos and while you look gorgeous, it can make trekking around uncomfortable and even unsafe. If you want to wear your heels, consider a more urban location like Union Station or the Denver Botanical Gardens.
  5. Explore outside of Denver. Colorado has so many gorgeous locations, don’t be stuck with thinking of spots right inside Denver. I am always down to travel for a fun, unique spot!
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Are you looking for a photographer to photograph your upcoming Denver senior photos? If so, I’d love to chat! You can send me a message here and I’ll get back to you asap! Let’s create something fun!

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