SMU senior photos

SMU Senior Photos


I had the pleasure of photographing these gals senior photos at SMU last week. Southern Methodist University or SMU is the perfect place to take senior photos at. The light is absolutely gorgeous around sunset. And there are so many beautiful old buildings and trees. The main SMU sign is normally where I start all senior photos and then we work our way down the boulevard to Dallas hall.

Senior photos at SMU are best during golden hour

Lots of people often ask when is the best time to take photos- and 90% of the time my answer is golden hour! Golden hour is the hour or two before sunset and creates gorgeous, golden light. This light is incredibly flattering and what gives my images that nice warm hue. But because SMU has so many trees, if you can’t swing a golden hour session we can work with a variety of times throughout the day!

When in doubt, bring a friend to your senior session!

These girls opted to do a group session for their senior photos. I love group sessions because it makes everyone feel so much more comfortable to have a buddy! In all group sessions I still make sure to get individuals of everyone! If you want to do a group session for your senior photos, just make sure you coordinate your outfits so you don’t clash. The easiest thing to wear is white. If you want more tips on what to wear for you upcoming senior session take a look at my senior photo outfit guide.

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If you’re looking for a photographer to take your senior photos at SMU, send me a message! I’d love to chat about your vision!

Leah Goetzel Photography is a Dallas based photographer. She photographs weddings, seniors, and families!

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