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I had a blast photographing Brittany and Jeff’s Denver engagement photos. We decided on Mount Falcon, which is about 30 minutes outside of Denver. It is such a great Denver engagement photo location because you have gorgeous views of the mountains, all within easy walking distance. You don’t have to worry about trekking up a mountain! (So great for kiddos too!)

Brittany and Jeff are Colorado natives and have 2 adorable great danes (they will definitely be included in the next photoshoot). For their Denver engagement photos, we wanted something with gorgeous mountain views, tall grass, but not too far from Denver. Mount Falcon was the perfect spot!

Here are some tips for planning your Denver engagement photos

  1. Choose a location that is sentimental or fits your personality. For Brittany and Jeff, they love to hike this trail with their dogs. So not only was it a gorgeous location, it hold some significance. If you’re not the outdoorsy type, have your engagement photos by Union Station or Downtown Denver. You want your photos to feel authentic!
  2. Polish or clean your ring! It’ll be a focus in your photos, so make sure it’s gleaming!
  3. Make it a date day. Almost all of my couples feel a little anxious about their photoshoot. But make it a date and it’ll take away a lot of the pressure. Have a beer before your session, dress up and have reservations for dinner afterwards.
  4. Wear something you feel comfortable in. So many people buy a brand new outfit that they think will photograph super well. But instead, wear your favorite dress or pair of slacks that you know you look great in. If you’re really wanting to wear something new, purchase your outfit a few weeks before and wear it around the house to make sure it fits well and you can move easily.
  5. Don’t be afraid to get a silly! Shake off all the nerves and just be okay laughing it off. I always prompt my couples to do silly things so they loosen up and can act more natural. If you’re feeling stiff or awkward, it will probably show up in your photos. Take some breathes and just go with the flow.
  6. Check the light. Make sure you’re scheduling your session for the best lighting. If your location is relatively flat, that’ll be early in the morning or about an hour before sunset. But if your in the mountains it gets a little trickier. This is when you should rely on your photographers expertise and knowledge of the specific location. They should know where the sun sets and when it’ll dip behind the mountain.
Denver engagement photos, Mount falcon photos, mount falcon engagement photos, mount falcon denver

Are you looking for a photographer for your Denver engagement photos? Need help with a location? What to wear? I got you! Send me a message and let’s chat about your vision!

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