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Colorado Elopement Locations

Searching for the best Colorado elopement locations can be a lofty task! Colorado is so gorgeous, we’re really spoiled for choice! But here is one of my absolute favorite locations about an hour outside of Denver.

If you’d like to use this stunning mountain location for your Colorado elopement, send me a message!

One of my favorite Colorado elopement locations

Some tips when searching for Colorado elopement locations

  1. Decide what type of terrain you’re most drawn to. Are you looking for a great view of the mountains? Do you want a forest setting? Would you like to be on the water? That will help narrow down your search. Colorado has it all, so no matter the look and feel you want, you will most likely be able to find it in Colorado!
  2. How secluded would you like your elopement location to be? The outdoors have become increasingly popular in 2020 (thanks covid!) So outdoor spaces are now more trafficked and populated. I recommend using google maps “popular times” feature, to see how busy it is throughout the week and throughout the day. If you want a super private location, you might need to hike further or choose a weekday elopement.
  3. How far do you want to hike? There are some fantastic spots that you can drive right up to, like this featured spot! And there are also some locations that are a lengthy climb. Decide what’s best for you and your partner. Keep in mind, as said above, those easily accessible hikes and locations will likely be much busier!
  4. Is a permit or entry fee required? Most locations in Colorado require a permit or entry fee. Make sure you look into all that necessary information before planning your elopement! Nothing would be worse than your family and friends showing up the day of and being turned away.
Mountain and pond Colorado elopement location
elopement location outside denver with mountains
elopement location Colorado with mountain view
Colorado elopement locations with mountain views

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