What does 60% candid, 40% actually mean?


I LOVE candids. They are my bread and butter and truly what I feel passionate about on wedding days. I want to capture the way your day FELT. The little looks, the tears, the hiccups throughout the day– those are the photos that truly tell the story of your wedding.

BUT, I am not a 100% candid photographer. I am not a photojournalistic photographer. Most of my couples want a portrait session on their day and most people want some direction. And the vast majority of couples are not used to having their photo being taken– so me taking a backseat and just saying “do your thing”, would be super awkward. That’s where my style of gentle posing and direction comes in. This is where I will give you prompts and authentic poses that don’t feel stiff or forced. I’ll make sure you look your best while also making sure you FEEL your best.

These photo sessions though are not a large part of your day. In fact, I call them my 20 minute photo session because they are typically in practice, only 20 minutes.

The rest of the day is mainly candid coverage. I want to capture things as they unfold. I want you to forget that I’m even photographing you! So I might move you slightly for the best lighting or help your dad know where to stand for y’alls First Look, but mostly I’m capturing the day as it was.

The candid parts of the day

Getting ready, first look moments, small interactions and in betweens, the ceremony, cocktail hour, wedding party in between moments, the reception and open dancing.

The posed parts of the day

Setting up the first look, the portrait session, family formals, setting up wedding party photos.

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