Sarah & Grant
Completely Candid Backyard Wedding


Sarah and Grant’s Fall wedding held in their very own home was unlike anything I’ve ever photographed.

Firstly, they nixed all wedding traditions that didn’t seem authentic to them. Some things they did differently:

  1. No staged getting ready photos
  2. No wedding party
  3. Walked down the aisle together
  4. Super quick couples portraits
  5. No first dance, garter toss, etc.

Secondly, they decided they wanted all candid coverage. I always tell people I’m a 60% candid, 40% posed photographer. At Sarah and Grant’s wedding, I was more 97% candid, 3% posed. This created a gallery that was raw, intimate, and authentic to the couple.

To Sarah and Grant

Thank you for celebrating your wedding day exactly as you wanted. As someone newly engaged it was such an inspiration to see a couple truly make their day completely tailored to them. And thank you for trusting me to capture it! It was such a blast celebrating with y’all. You and your family and friends were so welcoming. Cheers to lots of happiness, love and health!


The Details

How did y’all meet?

“Work. We were introduced by a mutual colleague. Throughout the course of our early professional relationship, we were both each others’ boss at various points.”

Tell me about the proposal!

“Grant reportedly had it planned for months, but always for christmas morning. It was one of the first times we had our home to ourselves (we have a 3yo). We had a tall skinny christmas tree that we cut out of our backyard. Grant tried to figure out how to put my big juicy emerald on the tree, but ended up just giving it to me like a regular present. No fanfare, no knee, just tears and kisses and facetimes with family.”

The Wedding Day

Getting Ready

Typically getting ready is the biggest show of my 60% candid, 40% posed approach. Most of the morning I’m just a fly on the wall, watching people come in and out, makeup getting done, etc. But there is also quite a bit of directing that usually happens. Those robe photos? All directed. The getting in the dress? I will usually place people in the right lighting and instruct them on how best to zip up. But with Sarah and Grant, everything was completely candid. I didn’t give any instruction at all– this was just how the day unfolded. Sarah also told me she didn’t want any detail photos “who cares about ’em” was her response. But I couldn’t help myself from grabbing one photo of her gorgeous emerald engagement ring and special handmade pocket square.

First Look and Private Vows

Sarah and Grant went back and forth on how they envisioned this portion of the day. They knew they wanted a unique ceremony with no “walk down the aisle” moment, but still wanted some buildup before seeing each other. They decided on a First Look so Grant could see how incredible Sarah look, but then private vows just the two of them (no photos allowed!!)


After Sarah and Grant emerged from their woody private vow spot, they walked as a couple to the front of their ceremony space. I loved the nontraditional idea of walking together as a couple, especially since they already had their wow moment of seeing each other for the first time. The ceremony was one of my favorite I’ve ever witnessed, there were tears and laughter. It was truly a communal ceremony that incorporated all their guests. And because the wedding was held in Colorado, they could marry themselves, no officiant needed!


This was really the only posed portion of the day and even then it was very minimal. Sarah expressed wanting one or two photos of them as a couple, but really it was about them interacting with their family and friends. Portrait time was maybe 10 minutes tops and consisted on a lot of walking around their gorgeous backyard.

Cocktail Hour and Reception

After some rapid portraits, we made our way back up to the house. The deck was where cocktail hour was held and featured a full spread and orchestra for major vibes. The reception consisted of a full 5 course dinner. I absolutely loved how the couple moved from table to table between courses to chat with their guests. There were just a few toasts but everything was very intimate and relaxed.


Once dinner and dessert was finished and the sun had set, the dancing begun! The vibes were immaculate. Just a bunch of friends enjoying each others company and lots of fantastic music.

Sarah & Grant’s Vendor Team

Wedding Planner – Quincy from Right as Rayne

Wedding Dress – Sarah Seven

Tux – Charles Tyrwritt

Florals – Grant’s mom

Catering – Biscuits and Berries

Hair & Makeup – Wise Artistry

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Hey there! I hope you enjoyed this wedding highlight of Sarah and Grant’s big day! I’m a wedding photographer based out of Denver and serving locations across Colorado and beyond. I’m originally from Texas but beelined it here as fast as I could. I’ve always loved the Colorado way of life– the mountains, the food, the people, it’s unlike any place I’ve ever been! Being a wedding photographer here is a dream. I love serving fun and in love couples. If you’re wanting candid, authentic imagery with a creative twist and a luxury experience, I’m your girl! I’d love to learn more about you and your special day! You can send me a message here or using the contact form below.

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