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One of my favorite questions to ask on my pre-session questionnaire is about Love Languages. It’s a great way for me to get an insight on how my couples give and receive love and ensures a tailored and authentic photo session.

Here’s a brief recap about the 5 Love Language and how I use them in my engagement sessions.

Note, your love language is about how you receive love not how you give it. So when thinking of your love language, think of things your partner does for you that make you feel loved and appreciated. That’s your love language!

Words of Affirmation

Hearing your partner communicate their love and appreciation through words (either written or spoken).

How it looks in session: Different prompts that allow you to verbalize your love, like “Tell your partner when you knew they were the one”. Or exchanging love notes during your session if you don’t feel comfy speaking them out loud.

Conrad reading to Shubrah some of his favorite poems that remind him of her.

Quality Time

Your partner takes time out of their day to spend with you, doing activities, having dates.

How it looks in session: Me verbalizing how awesome it is that y’all took the time to do a session together. Making your engagement session more of a date day by incorporating fun activities (bowling, brewery, arcade, bookstore).

Michael and Clara each woke up at 4am to get the best lighting for their engagement session.

Receiving Gifts

This is not just about materialism, but the tangible time and effort it took for your partner to think of you and purchase or make something they think you’d enjoy. The quintessential “actions speak louder than words.”

How it looks in session: Exchanging love notes or small tokens. Picking flowers for each other.

Lakin brought Weston’s favorite ciders to their engagement session.

Acts of Service

Another actions speak louder than words love language. Your partner eases your anxiety or burdens through actions (vacuuming the house, bringing you coffee, etc.)

How it looks in session: Helping each other off rocks and ledges, holding hands, piggyback rides, fixing their hair.

Jay helping Kelly with her outfit and down a boulder.

Physical Touch

Feeling love when your partner is close by, they feel like a calming and reassuring presence.

How it looks in session: Hand holding, more touchy feely poses.

Ending their session with Tyler and Michaela connecting with a long hug.

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