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A guide to having a wedding or elopement at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder

Congratulations! You’re most likely engaged and looking at having a wedding at Lost Gulch Overlook! Lost Gulch Overlook is one of my favorite places in all of Colorado. It is a fantastic location that is both very near in proximity to Boulder and Denver and offers incredible, sweeping mountain views. If you’re wanting to know how to plan a Lost Gulch Overlook wedding or elopement, keep on reading!

And if you have any questions, send me a message!

How to have a Lost Gulch Overlook wedding or elopement

  1. Email to get approved for your elopement. Lost Gulch is an incredibly busy and popular location. If you are inquiring about a weekend at sunset, you will probably be denied. I highly recommend a weekday at sunrise.
  2. Once you’ve been approved you must obtain a OSMP daily photography permit. Those are $50 and can be obtained by filling out the easy, online form here.

A benefit of booking me for your elopement? I already have an annual OSMP permit!

Frequently asked questions about eloping at Lost Gulch Overlook

When is the best time to have a Lost Gulch Overlook wedding or elopement?

I highly, highly recommend a weekday at sunrise. I know, sunrise might seem a bit much. But this spot has become wildly popular, especially at sunset (because it’s stunning). I promise it will be so worth it to have the place to yourself and have that gorgeous sunrise light.

Is the area reserved for me?

No. All Boulder Open Space ceremony sites are first come first served and do not allow exclusive access. You are not allowed to block off or prohibit others from enjoying the space. And while in my experience people are always super respectful when they see ceremonies taking place, keep in mind that you might have a lack of privacy.

How far is the hike?

There is virtually no hike from the parking lot to the overlook. It’s down a dirt trail, but truly probably no more than an easy 5 minute walk.

How accessible is Lost Gulch Overlook?

Unfortunately this spot isn’t very accessible at all. If you’re wanting to elope on the actual rocks, be prepared for rocky terrain. I highly recommend wearing sneakers or hiking boots, nothing ruins a wedding day like a sprained ankle!

Can I bring chairs or decorations?

Not only are chairs or wedding arches not permitted, I don’t even think it would be possible! Lost Gulch Overlook is very rocky with uneven terrain.

Can I bring my dog?

While dogs are allowed at Lost Gulch Overlook, I would caution against it. Lots of dogs are afraid of heights and this spot is quite high up.

Is this a good spot for me if I’m afraid of heights?

Probably not unfortunately. Lost Gulch Overlook doesn’t have any barriers or barricades– and in order to get those epic shots, you have to be quite literally on the edge of the overlook. If you’re afraid of heights, send me a message! I have lots of other locations that still give epic views without the adrenaline rush.

Are you ready to have a Lost Gulch Overlook wedding?

As a Colorado wedding photographer I love photographing weddings and elopements in epic locations that show off what this great state has to offer. And Lost Gulch Overlook is truly one of the coolest places near the Denver metroplex!

If you’re ready to have a Lost Gulch Overlook and would like to learn more about my photography services, send me a message here!

I am all about fun, candid and creative wedding photos. But I don’t just want my couples to have gorgeous wedding images, I also want them to have a stellar experience and stress free day. That’s why I love to help them plan their day, from timeline preparation to location scouting to discounted engagement sessions– I’ve got you covered! If you’d like to learn more about my wedding and elopement services, browse more galleries, and read some frequently asked questions, take a look at my wedding photography page here!

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