Katie & Nick
Summer modern barn wedding


Katie and Nick’s summer wedding at Bonnie Blues was an absolute joy to photograph. These two (and their friends and family) were so fun and welcoming and it was absolutely clear how obsessed they were with each other.

Some of my favorite moments– stepping away during their ceremony for private vows, sweet first looks with both the couple and Katie’s dad, the most emotional special dances with their families (was not a dry eye in the crowd), running down the highway while there friend kept a lookout for cars and the most fun outdoor dance party (complete with a Taylor Swift sing along and Katie being hoisted onto Nick’s shoulders for a truly epic moment).

To Katie and Nick

Thank you for trusting me to photograph y’alls day! I had so much fun photographing you both. I hope y’all had the best day ever and are enjoying being newlyweds!!! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness, love and many more Taylor Swift sing alongs).

The Wedding Day

Getting Ready

This was my first time photographing at Bonnie Blues, but the minute I walked into the getting ready suites, I was obsessed! There was so much space and light and windows– truly a photographers dream!

Katie was already completely ready, so she got to just hang out with her family and bridesmaids. After an emotional moment with her mom putting her dress on, we got ready to head out to her first look with Nick.

First Looks & Portraits

Katie chose to have a few different first looks– one with Nick, one with her dad and one with two of her friends. All three of them were super sweet and sentimental. And since the couple chose to do a first look, that meant we could do some couples photos, wedding party AND family photos all before ceremony. We were a little nervous about some ominous clouds rolling in, but were able to bang out all the necessary portraits before the storm rolled in. This was such a great idea because it meant the couple could mingle and hang out with their guests during cocktail hour!

Wedding Party Photos

This group was so fun! They were game for anything and were laughing and joking the whole time. I can always tell a lot about a couple based on their wedding party and this group just solidified how much I love Katie and Nick!


With the necessary portraits out of the way, the couple had a bit of downtime to just relax before ceremony. At this point there was quite a bit of rain coming down, but miraculously it let up right around the time of ceremony! And we were lucky enough to have the most gorgeous rainbow RIGHT as Katie walked down the aisle.

The couple chose to do something I’ve never seen before an absolutely loved. They actually stepped away to do private vows with just each other. And while doing that, their wedding party did a ring warming, where they passed around their rings and prayed and gave well wishes to the couple. It was such a good idea and a great way to keep their vows private while still including their guests. 10/10!!

Also 10/10 was Nick’s father who was officiant for their ceremony. I love when couples have someone they know and who knows their relationship officiate, it just made the ceremony that much more sentimental and special. (And one of my favorite photos from the day is Nick’s dad going over what he was going to say, right under their neon sign. Such a perfect moment showcasing the namesake and legacy of Katie and Nick’s new family name).

Cocktail Hour & Reception

Cocktail hour and reception was amazing! Their venue allowed people to mingle and move between inside and outside (which was great for all the kiddos!) One thing I loved that Katie and Nick did, was about 30 minutes into dinner they went around and did a quick photo with every table. It was a great way to thank everyone for coming and ensure they got a photo with every single guest.

And then the family dances. Whew. I see a lot of emotional family dances, but this one was truly something special. During the father daughter and mother son dance, the couple each motioned for their whole family to come over and join. Nick said that it was the most emotional his family has ever gotten. I know it’ll be something they remember forever.

Sunset Portraits

After the tears from dances had been dried, Katie did an outfit change– featuring the coolest custom jean jacket. We popped outside for 15 minutes for some quick couples photos (1. Because they wanted to join the party that we could hear bumping behind the venue #fomo and 2. Because Nick kept getting a nosebleed).

Katie’s one request was a shot of them out on the road which we accomplished thanks to a very vigilant groomsmen that would alert us to incoming traffic.

Dance Party & Private Last Dance

Finally was the time I think the couple had waited for all day, the dance party! And this group knew how to get down. There were glowsticks, spilt drinks, they got down low and they got up high. The vibes were #immaculate. My favorite moment was the end of the night last song Love Story by the queen Taylor Swift. And then once the DJ had kicked everyone out, it was time for Katie and Nick’s last dance. One of my favorite events during the whole wedding day!

Katie and Nicks’s Vendor Team

Venue – Bonnie Blues

Wedding Planner – Amara Collective

Hair & Makeup – Cedar Hair

Bridal Dress – Blue Bridal

Florist – Flint and Pearl

DJ – DJ Connection

Catering – Buffalo Gals

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