The Best Month to Get Married in Colorado
When to get married in Colorado


Are you looking for the best month to get married in Colorado? Colorado is one of the most gorgeous places for weddings, but the weather can be a bit daunting! You might be asking yourself, when is the best time to have my Colorado wedding? When are fall leaves the most beautiful? Can I get snow in my photos without freezing? Have no fear! I am here to answer all those questions and more. Keep on reading to find out when best month to get married in Colorado is!

An important note: regardless of the season, beautiful photos are absolutely possible! I have photographed in so many different conditions and climates and as cheesy as it sounds, the most important thing is your attitude and perspective on your photos (and lighting lol– that’s truly the most important).

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An overview on Colorado weather

Colorado has a vast array of temperatures and climates. Even though the state isn’t that big, there is a lot of variation throughout the state. For the sake of this guide, I’m going to be talking mostly about Denver and the mountain towns 1-2 hours from Denver since that’s where most of my weddings take place.

Weather Averages in Denver

January – February: Temperatures are usually in the mid 30’s. You can almost always expect snow.

March: A little warmer with average temperature of 43. Don’t let this fool you though, March has the 2nd most snow (after December) with an average of 2.1 inches.

April – May: Temperatures around the mid 50’s, but still can get chilly at night. April is the windiest month. May has the most amount of rainfall with 1.9 inches.

June – August: The warmest months, with an average temperature of 73 degrees. The average high is around 88 degrees in July. July also has the most chances of rain than any month, most days will have some sort of light afternoon shower. These months also have the latest sunsets, with June setting around 8:30pm.

September: Things begin to cool off, average temperature of 65 degrees.

October – November: Temperatures start dropping quickly, averages being 52 degrees and 40 degrees respectively. End of October brings the rainless period and starts the snow period mid-October. Don’t expect a ton of snow yet though.

December: The snowiest and coldest month with average temperatures in the 30s.

Breakdown of each month for Colorado weddings


January is one of my least favorite months for weddings in Colorado because it is usually always frigid cold and one of the windier months. However, if you’re wanting to ensure a winter wonderland for your wedding, then maybe January is the month for you. This month almost always has snow on the ground.

Note for the mountains: most mountain passes and roads are closed for the season in January. If you are wanting to venture outside of Denver for your wedding, snow tires and chains are a must.


February is another super cold month, but less windy and less cold than January. There is almost always snow still in the mountains, but not as much in the city.


March is a sneaky month! Most folks think of the beginnings of spring when they think of this month, but don’t be fooled– March has some of the most snow of any month. It is still super chilly. And if there isn’t snow, most of the foliage is quite dead and barren.


If you can, try to hold off just a little bit longer! End of April is “mud season” when all the snow starts to melt. It can be the most barren of the months with no leaves or grass just yet. April is also one of the windiest months, making it less than ideal for photos.


May is also considered “mud season”. But you’ll start to experience a bit more foliage and leaves. The temperatures are much more mild! If you can hold off until the end of May when spring flowers start to bloom, I highly recommend! Beginning of May vs. end of May is very different.


June is one of the best months to get married in Colorado. The greenery is lush and absolutely beautiful but still a little more temperature than July. June begins a period of high percentages of rain (not as much as July) but usually they are short showers typically in the afternoon. June has the latest sunset (around 8:30) which means you have tons of time for sunset portraits!


July is the hottest month and the month with the most chance of rain. But it is still a gorgeous month to take your engagement photos since everything is typically still pretty lush and green!

Note for the mountains: July is one of the best months in the mountains! At higher elevations July and August is typically when you can see the most wildflowers and greenery.


This month is great because it is the least windy and starts cooling off a bit. However, throughout August most of the foliage and greenery burns off at lower elevations.

Note for the mountains: August is one of my favorite months though for the mountains!! This month is still relatively temperate but still green and lush!


Things start to cool off in September, but don’t expect fall colors to pop off just yet at lower elevations (that doesn’t usually happen until next month.)

Note for the mountains: fall has arrived! Fall colors start to really show mid September at the higher elevations. The higher you go, typically the sooner you can expect to see the colors.

Here’s a really great map with predictions for colors. But remember, sometimes these changes happen literally overnight. I always tell folks never to book a venue just for the fall colors. If everything changes before wedding day, make sure you still love the location.


Fall has arrived! In most locations, early October will bring fall foliage all around. Once you get towards the end of the month, most locations in the mountains will be past peak, however you can usually find a few pretty trees closer to the city towards the end of the month. This makes it one of the best months to get married in Colorado.

Note for the mountains: October can be misleadingly chilly in the mountains. It can easily be 30 degrees colder than in Denver, so make sure to prepare accordingly!


Fall is usually no longer, except with a few rare cases in the city of Denver.

Note for the mountains: winter season is now upon us! If you choose a mountain location from now until mid-March, make sure you are snow prepared! That means snow tires and chains!


The coldest and snowiest of months, definitely not for the faint of heart! However, often the city won’t have accumulated a lot of snow. But expect deep snow in all mountain venues and frigid temperatures! Also a month with some of the least amount of daylight so keep this in mind when building out your wedding day timeline.

The TL;DR – best months to get married in Colorado

When is my favorite time for weddings in Denver?


For weddings within and close to Denver, I think June is the best month to get married in Colorado! It looks much more like Spring. Everything is lush and green. There isn’t as high of a chance for rain and has the most amount of sun making it a flexible time for folks with busy jobs.

June wedding in Denver

When is my favorite time for weddings in the mountains?


This is a toss up between July/August (depends on elevation) and October! July/August is when you can expect the beautiful greenery and maybe even wildflowers. But October is when the whole state bursts with fall colors! Just depends on your preference and the overall vibe of your session.

July wedding
Mid October elopement in the mountains

The best month to save money


December through April is definitely the slow season (usually I take off from December through February since it’s so slow!) But this means some venues and vendors might offer discounts. And you likely won’t have as much competition on dates and vendors.

February wedding outside Denver

The best month for wildflowers


Wildflowers can start popping up as early as May in the city, but typically the best time will be around July (especially for the mountains). Elevation and rain will greatly impact the amount of wildflowers so keep those factors in mind.

July wedding in Breckenridge

The best month for fall colors


Mid September through October is definitely the best time frame if you’d like fall colors. But there’s a lot of variation depending on elevation. I recommend checking out a fall foliage map for more accurate readings on colors. Also keep in mind that the fall season can be here and gone within the week– definitely don’t book a venue just for the fall colors otherwise you might get disappointed. However, if you’re set on getting those fall vibes in your photos, just ask! Us photographers can make magic with just a few trees like the photo below.

Late September wedding in the mountains

The most popular months


Busy season is definitely the summer months through October. And it seems to start earlier every year. If you’re wanting to get married between June and October I recommend you start planning at least 1.5 years in advance otherwise you might not get your pick of date and/or vendors!

Early August wedding in Estes Park

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