10 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Morning


To jump start my stress free wedding day series, I’ll be kicking it off first thing in the morning, with getting ready! The getting ready portion of the day is usually the most hectic part of the day and truly sets the tone for the rest of your timeline. But rest assured, I’ve seen the schedule recover even with brides’ makeup artist being an hour late and a no show hair stylist, it can be done! So no matter what twists and turns happen on your wedding day, relax, take deep breaths and remember you’re marrying the love of your life!! Everything will be fine!! Here are my top tips for a stress free wedding morning.

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#1 Have your accessories, dress, perfume, etc. laid out and ready 2 nights before.

You likely will forget something. Having it laid out will jog your memory, the days before wedding day. Nothing is more stressful than realizing you need to drive all the way home for your veil. But if you do forget something, deep breath and delegate someone (not mom, think uncle or cousin) to go back and get it for you. Keep everything together in one box to transport and then have out in your getting ready suite, this way your photographer can grab everything first thing to get those detail shots!

stress free wedding morning

#2 Get a good night’s rest!

I know it can be tempting to stay up late and hang with your friends or do last minute planning, but I promise, that extra hour of shut-eye will do you wonders. Power off the phones, put on a good overnight moisturizer and catch some zzz’s.

#3 Do a trial run with your hair and makeup artist at least 4 weeks before wedding day.

Now day of you can sip Champagne, hang with your friends, and chill knowing that you’re in great hands and you’re going to look GORGEOUS.

#4 As soon as you get to your suite, let your wedding attire breathe.

This will help loosen any small wrinkles and allow your photographer to get some gorgeous shots of it hanging.

wedding morning

#5 Have a timeline, make copies, hand them out.

A wedding timeline is a must. I personally handcraft a custom timeline for all my couples. This way we know exactly when each event of the day needs to begin and end. Give timelines to all important people, hopefully then they won’t ask you as much what’s next on the agenda.

#6 Make a playlist and bring a speaker!

Nothing sets the tone of the morning more than music. Without music it can feel dull, stiff and even awkward. Blast some tunes and have fun!

#7 Eat and hydrate!!! 

You don’t realize how long it’s going to be until dinner. You’re going to be standing all day, in a heavy dress, and drinking alcohol, doing that on an empty stomach gets you into the danger zone. I’ve had people faint or pass out due to not eating or staying hydrated, Take care of yourself– have a big breakfast and pack some snacks!

stress free wedding morning

#8 Give yourself cushion time

Things will go longer than expected. They always do. Give yourself at least 30 minutes of cushion time in case you can’t find dad for the first look or makeup takes longer than you planned for.

#9 Don’t worry about your partner.

It’s so easy to worry about your partner and if they will be ready in time, where are they, etc. But don’t worry! Your planner or coordinator will make sure they are dressed and ready on time. And if you’ve chosen a second photographer, they will also be coordinating with me to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Wedding morning tips

#10 Delegate!

Now is your time to relax! All the planning and preparation is now the responsibility of your coordinator or planner. If you don’t have a hired wedding planner (which I highly recommend) assign a family member or friend that is take charge and knows the events of the day to be the point person. This is one of the most important things for having a stress free wedding morning. All questions, comments, concerns now go through them. Period.

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