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Lakeside Park in Broomfield

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McKay Lake in Broomfield is the location of all my mini sessions, so I thought it would be helpful to post a few full galleries at this location if you’re considering booking one of these sessions!

A few things of note for McKay Lake

There are tons of bugs!

Because McKay Lake is situated on well, a lake, expect a pretty significant number of bugs. I always recommend that my clients wear ample bug spray to help combat being bit!

McKay Lake doesn’t have a mountain view

While this spot is absolutely gorgeous, it doesn’t have a mountain view. For folks looking for a quintessential Colorado backdrop, I’d recommend booking an hour session to open yourself up to all the epic mountain locations Colorado has to offer. (All clients receive access to my exclusive location guide of 50+ locations throughout the state).

Parking can be tricky!

McKay Lake is one of the more popular locations in Broomfield (both for walking and for taking photos) so sometimes parking can be a bit tricky. I’d recommend arriving at least 15 minutes in advance to ensure you can find a spot and don’t miss out on any photo time!

McKay Lake during the year


Late Spring (May-June) at McKay Lake means lots of greenery and foliage growth. Everything will be vibrant and beautiful!


Summer (July-August) will vary a ton based on the amount of rain we’ve had! It could lend for gorgeous wildflowers like in the session below or you could expect foliage to die off a bit and have more of a rustic, yellow color.


If you can time it right, McKay Lake in the fall is really beautiful! There are several trees that change colors and often is one of the last places to change color in the area. (Meaning late October, like the photo below) might still have some fall leaves!

McKay Lake end of October


I do not recommend McKay Lake as a photo location in the winter unless we have a ton of snow. Usually after October almost all of the trees turn quite barren which can make the place look rather dreary. (But don’t worry! I have several photo spot recommendations that look gorgeous in the winter and all season long, so if you’re looking for a November-February photoshoot, I got you!)

McKay Lake in February

Hope you found this post about McKay Lake helpful! If you have any additional questions about locations or my mini sessions, don’t hesitate to send me a message!

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