Your elopement is not a backup plan, it's not plan B, it's not you running off to Vegas. Just because you're eloping, doesn't mean it shouldn't be as celebrated and special as a traditional wedding. In fact, it should be even more special and unique. Because it's intentional and focuses on the most important part of marriage. You and your partner. 

your elopement should be celebrated!

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how to elope in Denver

Colorado is one of the most incredible places to elope, not only can you marry yourself (no guests or officiants needed) but there are so many incredible locations and backdrops to get married. Whether you are wanting to say your vows on top of a mountain, next to an alpine lake, surrounded by a forest or tucked away in a courthouse– Colorado has it all. So if you're wanting to elope in Colorado, take a look at these steps!

Once you have a date and location, it's time to secure the rest of your vendors.

secure your vendors


There are so many places to elope in Colorado. Make sure you secure the necessary permits!



Your photographer will be able to help you location scout and plan, so it's best to secure them early!

book photographer


Chat about your priorities with your partner– what backdrop do you want, how many guests, etc.

start planning


Don't forget this step! You can grab your license up to 35 days before your wedding day.

obtain a license


the process


start the planning process

When dreaming up your elopement, no plans are too far fetched– the world is your oyster! Think about what is important to you and your partner and how you want to infuse your personalities into your wedding day. 

Some questions to ask yourselves: 
  • Do you want guests at your elopement?
  • Do you want an outdoor location?
  • If you want the outdoors, do you love the mountains? Lakes? Forests?
  • Do you want to get ready together?
  • Do you want to do something after your ceremony? Dinner? Hiking? Spa day? 

find your photographer

Your photographer is one of the biggest decisions for your elopement day. I help all my couples find the perfect location and plan the general flow of their day. You want to choose a photographer whose style you love but also whose personality you really vibe with. Likely they will be with you the whole day! You want to make sure you choose someone you really get along well with! 

When choosing your photographer, ask some of these questions: 
  • How long have you been photographing elopements? 
  • What part do you play in helping us plan and scout?
  • Do you have vendor and location recommendations? 
  • How would you describe your photography style?

choose a location

Choosing a location is probably the most overwhelming part of the elopement process. But fear not! All my couples receive access to my exclusive location guide that has all my favorite Colorado elopement locations. 

When choosing a location, think about these questions: 
  • How far are you willing to travel? 
  • What kind of scenery are you wanting? 
  • How private of a location do you want? 
  • Are you willing to pay for fees for a permit?
  • How accessible do you need your location to be?
  • How long of a hike are you willing to do?

secure your Denver vendors

Just because you are having an elopement, doesn't mean that you shouldn't have a dream team helping you plan and execute the perfect elopement day! Make sure you reach out to vendors well in advance to ensure they're available for your date. 

Some vendors to consider for your elopement day: 
  • Planner
  • Florist
  • Officiant 
  • Private chef
  • Hair and/or Makeup Artist


obtain your marriage license

In order to be legally married in Denver, you must obtain a marriage license. 

Here's the detailed breakdown: 
  1. Visit a Colorado county clerk on a weekday– you might need to schedule an appointment. Make sure you bring with you: A valid ID (passport, drivers license), Social Security Numbers, and $30. 
  2. Your license is good for 35 days, so make sure you don't obtain it too early! On wedding day fill out the date and location. 
  3. Return in person or by mail to the county clerk who issued it within 63 days. And don't forget to make a few certified copies while there, they cost $1.25!

Fun Fact: If you are coming from Texas you can get a Texas marriage license while at home but get married in Colorado!

some of my favorite

Denver Elopement Locations

Colorado has a wide variety of different locations and backdrops, from intimate venues, to stunning courthouses to lakefront views to perched on a mountain. Whatever your vision is, Colorado will likely have something you'll love! (Unless you want to get married by the ocean... you'll have no luck in that department). If you haven't chosen your location yet, consider one of these spots! But with all elopements, I am happy to scout and find the perfect spot for you!

Brainard Lake


Brainard Lake is one of my favorite locations just an hour from Boulder. It's right on the lake with the mountains and trees in the background but with virtually no hike. It is quite popular, so shoot for a weekday. It is only open via car June-October. 

3M Curve

Rocky mountain park

The 3M curve has some gorgeous mountains views. It is a little tricky getting there, but once you park you can walk right up. There is a 15 person max. A $300 permit and $25 entry fee are required. 

learn more >>

Maroon Bells Ampitheater


The Maroon Bells are probably the most iconic mountains in Colorado. The view from the amphitheater deck is absolutely stunning. It is $200 to reserve, but is incredibly competitive. If you're interested in this spot, inquire now!!

Sapphire Point Overlook


Sapphire Point is a beautiful overlook that is incredibly accessible. The only downside is it's a hugely popular hiking area so there's very little privacy. There is a $120 permit and can fit 30 people. 

learn more >>

Garden of the Gods

colorado springs

The Garden of the Gods is one of the most unique locations, it is a stunning spot with the gorgeous red rocks in the background. This location is free and first come first serve. 

learn more >>

Twin Lakes

Twin lakes

Twin Lakes Colorado is a gorgeous mountain town about 2.5 hours outside Denver. The town gets its name from the two stunning lakes that sit at the base of mountains. 

learn more >>

Sunrise Amphitheater


The Sunrise Amphitheater is a beautiful location overlooking Boulder. It is $400 depending on time of year and if you're a Colorado resident. There isn't much shade at this location, so I highly recommend a sunrise or sunset ceremony. There isn't a mountain view, but it is still so magical.

Point Park

Grand Lake

Point Park is a free elopement venue right on the lake with beautiful views of the Rockies. This spot features a small dock with plenty of room for around 15 guests. 

learn more>>

Great Sand Dunes

South of pueblo

This location is incredibly unique and such a gorgeous place to elope. There is no shade so I highly recommend a sunset or sunrise session. There is a $250 permit fee. 

When is the Best Time for a Denver Elopement?

Colorado temperatures vary greatly from season to season (and even day to day!!) Here are some weather related tips for your Colorado elopement.

Summer is one of my favorite times to photograph in Colorado
 because the weather is so predictable. Temperatures are relatively mild (especially comparing it to Texas, my home state!)

Spring can be colder than you might think!
Especially if you're wanting to go into the mountains. And there might not be as many flowers and fauna since it takes longer for the winter ice to melt. 

Fall has the most gorgeous colors, but it comes and goes quickly!
Fall is my favorite season in Colorado. The orange and yellow leaves are absolutely magical. But Fall can come and go quickly. Sometimes those gorgeous leaves only last a week. But if you plan it right (and with a little luck) your wedding would be stunning. 

Winter can be freezing or mild.
Winter in Colorado is always a toss up. It can be frigid or mild. Always plan for it being cold. (Layers, proper transportation, etc.) 

my take...

When would I plan a Denver elopement? Go with Summer or Fall! If you're wanting those gorgeous fall colors, aim for late September. Luckily though, Colorado is beautiful all year round– you really can't go wrong!

who to invite to your Denver elopement

Choosing who to invite to their elopement is probably the biggest stressors for couples eloping or having an intimate wedding. But at the end of the day, you are choosing to have a non-traditional, unique and authentic experience with just you and your partner– so you should do whatever feels best to you. 

Some things to consider if you choose to invite friends and family: 

1. Is everyone on your list fully onboard with your decision to marry your partner? Are they fully onboard with your vision to elope and the way you see your day? 

2. Would it be impactful to you to have some of your guests hear your vows? Or is that something you want to be private and intimate? 

3. Is there anyone on your guest list who you're concerned will hijack your day? Make it about them? Provide any unnecessary stress and anxiety for you?

4. Does your ceremony location have a capacity limit? Will you be able to have the day you've envisioned with X number of people or will you need to adjust your vision to invite more people?

5. How will travel and lodging work? Will you need additional resources to include more people?

Remember, this day is about you and your partner. There is no right or wrong answer! I want you to have the best day ever that fully is the day you've envisioned. You've chosen to elope because you want to break free of the stress and norms of a big wedding. So stick with your guns and choose the day that is right for you! 

how to include your family

If you have made the choice that including your family in your elopement or intimate wedding is right for you, then here are some ways to include them seamlessly into your day!

1. Have one intimate ceremony. 
Have one gorgeous intimate ceremony with your closest friends and family by your side to hear your vows and commitment to each other. This can be incredibly emotional and sentimental, and many family members love being able to be present. Keep in mind, depending on your guest count, some location options are not feasible with larger groups. 

2. Split the day in two.
Lots of my couples choose to have a sunrise ceremony just the two of them and then later in the day celebrate with family and friends afterwards. This is a great way to include those most important to you, but still with the intimacy of a private ceremony. 

3. Have a two day event. 
For those who want it all, have a two day event! You can have a full day of just the two of you, however you envisioned it and then a special day afterwards with your family. And these days don't have to be consecutive! A popular choice is an elopement day however you'd like and then once you return home or after your honeymoon have a celebratory event with all friends and family. You can even read your vows again!

how to include your family if they're not physically present

If y'all have decided that you only want a day with just the two of you, here are some ideas for how to include your family with them physically being present. 

1. Zoom/Skype/ or Facetime them at some point in your day. 

2. Have them write letters and read them during your day. 

3. Have an engagement party before your elopement

4. Throw a reception after your elopement. 

5. Have a photo gallery reveal together. 

6. Gift them albums or prints of your day. 

elopement resources

Pre-booking q's

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15 questions to ask your photographer

Why you should elope

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why eloping in colorado is so rad

Elopement activities

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how to make your elopement special

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recommended Denver elopement Vendors

If you're eloping, your vendor list will be smaller than those planning a traditional wedding, but you're still going to want the dream team of wedding vendors! Here are some of my favorite hair and makeup artists, videographers, officiants and florists. 

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"She truly puts her clients first and will go through great measures to make sure they are comfortable and happy with their photos. I was on a budget for photos and I do not exaggerate when I say that she is the most talented photographer I know. In my opinion she's the best of the best and for a great price. I could not recommend her enough I'm so happy to of met such a wonderful person!"


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"She took the time to plan out a detailed wedding day schedule with us and to get to know our preferences for photos, so she could be sure to capture the moments that were most important to us. On the wedding day, Leah kept to the schedule and made taking photos so fun! Many of our family members commented on how efficient the family portraits were. We were able to get all the photos we wanted and more! We are so happy with all the wonderful photos we received from Leah. We highly recommend Leah Goetzel Photography!"


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"Leah was incredibly professional and so fun to work with. There are inevitably things in the wedding planning process that can be higher stress and I can say that not only working with Leah with photography was not stressful, her and her team made other aspects easier. And we love the photos! She has a very smooth photography planning workstream and was such a treat to work with. You need Leah!"



"I feel like Leah is my photographer-turned-best-friend! Leah is such a genuine person and actually tries to get to know you and your partner. She wants to learn your personalities so its reflected in the pictures. Leah's now photographed our engagement session, our mini Covid wedding, and will photograph our full wedding next year. I wish we lived closer to each other (I'm now in Seattle, she will be in Denver) because I want her to capture ALL of our moments in the future, too! Book Leah today - you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't!"


"We will cherish your work forever!"

"Leah was absolutely amazing! She captured the story and feeling of our intimate wedding so perfectly in her pictures! She did an amazing job at balancing being a fly on the wall while grabbing those candid moments and also keeping us moving in the right direction and giving cues for those posed picture. She has a great eye for what to capture and her editing was beautiful and very timely! You will not regret booking her, I can't think of anything more I'd want from such wonderful pictures! Thanks again Leah! 


"I highly recommend her"

"Leah is fabulous!! She made us feel like models in front of the camera, when we both don't enjoy getting our photos taken. She was super professional and got the job done when we were in a bit of a time crunch. Leah took time to get to know us as a couple and took that into consideration when photographing us. We are so happy that Leah photographed our engagement and wedding photos. I highly recommend her for your photography needs!"


"leah is the type of person you never forget"

"Leah was such an absolute joy to work with!! Her positive and reassuring attitude throughout the day kept such a calm and fun atmosphere present. We did experience some rain on our day which I thought might ruin some of our special shots we were trying to capture, but Leah delivered beautifully and worked with the elements to create photos that we will cherish for a lifetime. Not only is she great at what she does but she is also a wonderful person and you will leave your session feeling like she is someone you could be best friends with."


"simply, working with leah was a dream"

"Our wedding celebration had to be postponed due to COVID. However, she was able to capture both our original wedding day in March as well as our newly scheduled wedding celebration in July. Leah was always professional while also managing to seem like someone you've known for years. She's a calming force during a hectic & chaotic time. On top of her reassuring demeanor, she captured both days perfectly. Her positivity carried us through the uncertainty of both days and working with her was an absolute joy."


"leah made our day so special"

" Leah helped make the day run smoothly and held our hands through the scheduling process. She also has a great "bride guide" on her website to help her clients know what to expect on their big day as well as tips leading up to it. Leah was respectful and polite but stern and took charge when necessary to keep the day running smoothly and include all of the memories in the photos. I actually cried when we got our sneak peek gallery because of how well they turned out and how they brought me back to the day, all of the emotions and love."


"you'd be crazy not to book leah!"

"From the engagement shoot to the bridal portraits and the wedding she went out of her way to make everything perfect! Her kind heart and outstanding professionalism made working with her so easy. Leah isn’t there to just capture pictures, she is there to capture moments and emotions that will last a lifetime. If you are looking for a photographer, your search is over. Don’t pass this girl up!"


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Yes! Absolutely! Small intimate weddings (less than 20 guests) and elopements are some of my favorite things to photograph! I typically only book these 3 months in advance or on weekdays. 

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