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Today I have the pleasure of introducing one of my favorite industry professionals Ashlee from Mrs. Planner, a Colorado and Texas based wedding planner!

How did you get into planning and what makes Mrs. Planner different or unique from other planners in our area?

In college, I loved planning our Philanthropy Events while I was a part of Delta Zeta, and my Marketing career after college allowed me to continue organizing all kinds of events for companies locally and throughout the US. After the recession in 2009, I studied and became certified in Wedding Planning as I was watching layoffs happen all around me. Mentorships and working with friends on their weddings gave me the start into my career. I feel I stand out in the industry as a team player that truly loves building and growing relationships with my clients and vendor partners. I take pride in keeping the chaos organized. I find success in listening to the specific wants of our couples, and being a go to resource for anything they need throughout planning. 

Colorado wedding planner, Mrs. Planners

What’s the difference between day of coordination, month coordination and a full service wedding coordination? Do you recommend one or other for different couples? 

As a Planner, we take over as the main point of contact for the couple and the family. If we are expected to know all the details, we need to be equip with the details. Managing the day of events still takes preparation to get to know the layout of the space, what goes where, and the vendor team involved. Day of Coordination is typically month out coordination at a minimum, or month of. At the 30 days out mark there is time for the venue walk through and final detailing meetings with each vendor, which contributes to the timeline of the day. Once the RSVP count is finalized, the orders are confirmed and prints can be ordered for assigned seating, signage, or programs. In comparison to full planning, a Planner is more involved in finding the right venue, hiring vendors, selecting rentals and creating a cohesive design. Full service is just that, service along the way. Instead of coming in at the end of planning to button it all up, a full service coordinator is planning alongside of you saving time and money overall. We often ask our couples what they want to spend on a coordinator, and how much of planning they will take on themselves. This will typically lead them in the direction of what package may be best.

What would you say is the top reason couples should hire a planner? 

Planners are often a built in insurance plan for their event. A well connected Planner will have quality vendors to reach out to, have years under their belt to troubleshoot any issues that arise, and share a game plan early with you that double checks all there is to do.

Colorado wedding planner, Mrs. Planners

What’s something a planner does that your couples would be surprised you do?

(The inspiration for this question came from the time Ashlee literally sewed a bridesmaid into her dress after it wouldn’t zip up properly).

Good point, and there are a lot of attire issues that may come up so pointing out the extensive emergency kit a Planner carries with them may surprise some. We have had vendors not show and had to replace them day of, or a table literally catching on fire because of hanging floral dropping into a candle where we had to put it out. Being an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands is key. We are there to step in and find solutions for pretty much anything that comes up.

What’s your favorite part of being a Colorado wedding planner?  

I am definitely a fan of celebrating love. It’s a great reason to bring people together. It is such a beautiful time in their lives, and there are so many options to consider to make their event their own. Bringing joy along the way, and creating a day full of it, makes the job like no other.

Colorado wedding planner, Mrs. Planners

Interested in booking a Colorado or Texas wedding planner? Reach out to Ashlee and her team over at Mrs. Planner, she’s the best of the best!

Website: Mrs. Planner

Instagram: @MrsPlanners


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