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White Rock Lake Engagement Photos


Ooooooh this engagement session was a fun one! A few weeks ago I photographed Kelsey and Jonathan’s engagement photos at White Rock Lake. I immediately hit it off with this couple, they were just so fun and welcoming. The whole session we were laughing and chatting about their new Corgi puppy Winston. (Not gonna lie, I was sad he didn’t tag along).

But then my favorite part of the session was when we heard an ice cream truck park nearby. At first we were just joking around about how we they were dancing along to the jingles of the truck. But then we were like, “should we go get ice cream??” So that’s what we did! One red, white and blue popsicle and some very red, stained tongues- and we got some of my favorite images of the day. I just love how fun and silly they are, which was such the vibe I got from this couple. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in October!

White Rock Lake is the perfect place for engagement photos

I absolutely love photographing at White Rock Lake. It was suuuper busy, since everyone and their mother is flocking to outdoor spaces due to covid. Normally it’s very quiet and peaceful. (Usually no ice cream trucks in sight.) But with these engagement photos, it took a little more walking around to find private spaces. However, it was just as gorgeous as it always is. White Rock Lake has the perfect blend of manicured grass and tall, wild grass. There are plenty of trees and beautiful wooden docks scattered all around. The sunset light is absolutely gorgeous. But if you want engagement photos with White Rock Lake’s lake in the background, you’ll need to do a sunset engagement session. Otherwise, it’s much too bright! It was bright even in the last 20 minutes of Kelsey and Jonathan’s session since the light is reflecting off the water.

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